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Seaside FLSeaside, FL made a giant splash in the architectural world when developer Robert Davis carved out a modern Victorian town with narrow streets, picket fences and homes arranged close together to encourage walking-and neighborliness. It was the first of its kind in northwest Florida, creating the model for towns across America. Seaside’s new urbanism design brings necessary shops and services to its residents and guests, including a post office and a school. Seaside’s centerpiece contains the market, art galleries, shops, restaurants, a post office, and other small boutiques. Find many artists-in-residence at galleries lining Ruskin Place.

One visitor writes, “I try to explain to our friends who haven’t been to Seaside – and who don’t understand paying for a place thats not on the water – that there is a feeling to being in Seaside. A sense of relaxation, of home, of belonging. Not being confined by concrete and steel, where balconies are replaced by porches. Where trees and bushes are home to birds and lizards (much to the delight of my son!!). Seaside is a place where you can bring your kid’s bikes and they can actually ride them. A place where going to get an ice cream is just as much a part of the vacation as going to the beach. In one way, a place of families, for families, by families.”

Although many of the homes can be rented on a daily or weekly basis, Seaside also offers a motor court and bed and breakfast. Park your car and rent bicycles to explore this wildly successful pioneering town, featured in the 1997 motion picture “The Truman Show.”

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